200 Club

The 200 Club is the perfect way for busy villagers to show their support for their local hall and continues to be our regular fund-raiser. However, you do not need to be a resident of High Wych to join – indeed, at least one of our subscribers resides in Australia! This year there remain just a few numbers unsubscribed. Join us if you would like the chance to win a cash prize AND support the High Wych Memorial Hall at the same time. Simply contact our 200 Club Secretary, Pam Giles, on 01279 724749 to join. *New members joining after January will pay £5. Their number(s) will be added to the July draw of the year in which they joined.

*Members pay just £10 per number in January for a yearly subscription. Each month, all subscribed numbers are entered into the draw. The first number ‘out of the hat’ wins the top prize of £20 with the next three numbers collecting a £10 prize each. Twice a year – in June and December – there is a BIG prize draw where the winning number wins £250, with a 2nd prize of £100 and a 3rd  prize of £50! 
Winners are notified by The 200 Club Secretary soon after the draw has taken place.

Raising sufficient funds for the upkeep of the Memorial Hall has always been one of the main priorities for the Hall Committee throughout its history. As a non-profit making charity, all funds raised go towards the costs of repairs and maintenance – an ever increasing sum in these times! The idea of setting up a regular subscription club was first mooted back in the late 1960’s and the first 100 Club was finally set up in the early 1970’s.  It immediately proved to be a great success as over 100 applicants were received for the first draw which took place in February 1973 at the Half Moon pub. Even in those early days, there was talk of changing the name to The 200 Club – a reflection of the enthusiasm amongst villagers to support their local hall. Over the next 20 years membership waxed and waned between 130 and 160 members. By 1996, membership stood at 181 and the name was finally changed to the 200 Club in 1997.