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War Years

Memory Box
This page displays 'memories' of the Hall that have been sent to us by people who have lived, worked and played in High Wych. Our thanks go to everyone who has contacted us with their special memories - keep them coming, please!

From John F. Wright

I was at school in Sawbridgeworth (the Secondary School in Sheering Mill Road) from 1946 until leaving in 1950. While at the school we used to be transported by hire car (White's Garage - Sawbridgeworth) to High Wych Village Hall one day a week in the morning to be taught Woodwork which took place in the main hall. We had quite good facilities - proper woodworking benches and of course there was a supply of wood although goodness knows where it or indeed the benches were kept at times when the hall was otherwise used? I say the period was in the morning which I think is correct but it could have been that we were there for the day but somehow I doubt that. I do remember we were allowed a morning break at some time and were allowed to visit the village bakery (just up the road towards the green I think?) to enable us to buy a bun or similar. In those days this was a real treat. During the period of my time there I made an oak Standard Lamp which we still posses. At the time that it came to wiring the lamp some electricians were working at the hall and I was given good advice as to how to prepare the wiring of the lamp holder and plug to the lamp lead my father had provided for the purpose. I would have been 12 or 13 at the time. The tutor for the Woodworking was a Mr Scrivener who travelled from Bengeo the other side of Ware.

Jay Dimmock and his Band
The band name was actually "Jay Dimmock and his band". My father's sister, Ivy Allen (nee Wright) was the pianist in the 1930's and my uncle by marriage, Bert Allen, was the principal saxophonist in the band for many years. His son, Peter, my cousin, also joined the band in its later years. They were very popular in the area.

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