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War Years

The War Years
(From an original article by Theo van de Bilt, Official High Wych Historian)
During the Second World War, High Wych Memorial Hall provided services for the women working in the Land Army and several times a week dinners were prepared and served for them. There are also tales of frequent whist drives being held.
Very little esle is know about events at the Hall during these troubled times and there are very few details to be found about the Hall, the people who gave their time running it or the villagers who frequented it.
However, two names do stand out - Arthur Clow and Michael Elsdon.

Arthur Clow was Booking Secretary, Secretary and Treasurer all rolled into one - this was a time when the running of the Hall was somewhat more informal!  In those days, those who wished to hire the Hall went to see Mr Clow, borrowed the keys and paid what was due. Arthur Clow played an important part in the history of the Hall and remained 'in post' from the late Thirties, through the Forties and Fifties right up until 1969.
Michael Elsdon and his wife Nina moved into High Wych in 1940. As a young mechanical engineer making machine tools in Harlow, Michael was exempt from military service but he quickly became involved in the Home Guard, the Home Guard Association, the High Wych Men's Club and, ultimately, matters concening the Memorial Hall. Michael set about organising dances at the Hall - for both local villagers and visiting members of the services stationed around this area. The music was often supplied by one J.R Dimmock and his 5-piece band from Hoddesdon - known as Jay Dimmock and His Band. (Check out Memory Box for more details)

  Unfortuately, we have no photographs of the Hall or events that took place there from this period - unless YOU know different!
Do contact us if you have ANY tales to tell or photos to share!